Deacons Leading to Serve

The Poplar Spring Missionary Baptist Church deacon ministry, under the able leadership of Pastor Vardry A. Freeman, is serving in excellence of Spirit, and striving to meet the ever growing needs of the church and its supporting ministries.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to be the most responsible, effective and respected ministry at the Poplar Spring Missionary Baptist Church. Serving in unity, we embrace the vision of the church and support the work of our pastor in the development of disciples for the work of the ministry and in the edifying of the body of Christ.


This division is responsible for the outreach and concerns of the church body. Notify this group should a member become ill or if a death occurs.

Deacon Patrick Arnold    Deacon Ricky Martin
Deacon David Beaty    Deacon Kent Washington
Deacon Keith Holmes    Deacon Otis Williams

New Membership & Reclamation

This division works in conjunction with the New Member Orientation Ministry to ensure that each new member is well orientated into the PSMBC body. Lastly, these gentlemen work diligently to reclaim those who may be absent.

Deacon Jermaine Counts
Deacon Arthur Floyd
Deacon Ted McNeil

Church Status

This division is tasked with assisting in cultivating an informed and participatory church. These gentlemen
will encourage giving of our tithe, talents and time as well as participation in ministry events/programs, workshops etc.

Deacon Veldee Burts   Deacon Melvin McDaniels
Deacon William Franks    Deacon Joe Price
Deacon James Gardner    Deacon Morris Turner

Ministry Support

This division actively stay in tune with the ministries of PSMBC by monitoring its needs providing support and relaying concerns to the appropriate leadership or ministry

Brotherhood – Deacon McNeil
Christian Education – Deacon Washington
Media – Deacon McDaniels
Music – Deacon Williams
New Member – Deacon Holmes
Pastor’s Aide – Deacon Turner/Floyd
Scholarship – Deacon Gardner
Senior Missionary – Deacon Holmes
Ushers – Deacon Beaty
Youth – Deacons Counts, Washington & Williams
Women in Action – Deacon Holmes