Sunday School Lessons

Sunday School lessons 2021

Christian Enrichment  Adult Sunday Church School Lessons

February, 2021
28th     Love Never Fails                                                      1 Corinthians 13:1-13
March, 2021
 7th       Taming the Tongue                                               James 3:1-12
14th     Faith Without Works is Dead                                 James 2:26
21st      Hearing and Doing the Word of God                   James 1:19-27
28th     Faith and Wisdom                                                  James 1:1-11
April, 2021
h          Repent of Injustice                                                  Jeremiah 22:1-10     
11th     Practice Justice                                                      Jeremiah 21:8-14
18th     Promising Peace                                                   Zechariah 8:1-8,11-17
25th     Prophesying Restoration                                      Zephaniah 3:14-20
May, 2021
2nd         Single-Minded Obedience                                     Matthew 4:1-11
9th          Solomon Summons the Ark                                   I Kings 8:1-13
16th       Solomon Speaks to the People                             I Kings 8:14-21
23rd       Solomon Seeks God’s Blessings                            I Kings 8:22-30,52,53
30th       Solomon Anticipates Praise Ahead                     I Kings 8:54-61
June, 2021
6th          David’s Prayer                                                          I Chronicles 17:16-27
13th       The House of David                                                  I Chronicles 17:1,3-4,11-14
20th       The Gratitude of David                                            I Chronicles 16:8-12,28-36
27th       The Worship of David                                             I Chronicles 15:1-3,14-16,25-29a
July, 2021
4th          Faith That Escapes Corruption                             2 Peter 1:1-15
11th       Faith That is Focused                                             I Peter 1:13-25
18th       Faith That Sets an Example                                  I Thessalonians 1:2-10
25th       When Is Our Faith Tested                                      2 Corinthians 13:1-11
August, 2021
1st          Active Faith                                                           I Kings 17:8-16
8th          Faith In Consequences                                          Numbers 14:10b-20
15th       aith During Uncertainty                                           Exodus 16:1-15
22nd      Faith During Grief                                                    I Samuel 1:9-20
29th       Faith During Distress                                              Genesis 19:1-9,15,23,26,29
September, 2021
5th          How Are You Known                                          Matthew 7:1-6,15-23
12th       A Covenant Between Friends                            I Samuel 18:1-5,19:1-7
19th       Jesus Teaches About Transforming Love          Matthew 5:38-48
26th       Jesus Teaches Us To Love One Another           Matthew 5:21-32

October, 2021

3rd          Jesus Teaches About Fulfilling the Law            Matthew 5:13-20
10th       Jesus Teaches About Right Attitude                  Matthew 5:1-12
17th       Hearts United In Love                                        Colossians 2:1-15                                   
24th       The New Covenant’s Sacrifice                            Hebrews 9:11-22
31st       Jesus Seals the New Covenant                           Mark 15
November, 2021
7th          Love for Neighbors                                                  Luke 10:25-37
14th       Love for Enemies                                                     Luke 6:27-36
21st       Love That Intercedes                                               I Samuel 19:1-7
28th       Victorious Love                                                        Genesis 42:6-25
December, 2021
5th          Called to Proclaim                                                   Luke 4:14-22a
12th       Called to Prepare                                                     Matthew 3:1-12
19th       Called to Worship                                                    Matthew 2:1-2,7-15
26th       Called to Be Emmanuel                                          Matthew 1:18-25